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    Explore the Crazy gallery and be inspired by the great photos. When you click on an image, it will pop up in full size. Remember that you can sort the helmets according to name to get a better overview. 

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    A crazy philosophy

    Safety can be fun! This is the philosophy behind Crazy Safety. A series of children's bicycle helmets and accessories designed in Denmark. 

    With Crazy Safety, your child will gain access to a world of cool and colourful animals that provide them with full protection in traffic. It has never been easier to get junior to wear a helmet.

    1. Børn i bevægelse

      Children in movement

      Red cheeks, full speed ahead and high spirits. The Crazy Safety helmets are easy and comfortable to wear – even during long trips. Perfect for adventures. Regardless of the destination, Crazy Safety will provide your child with the opportunity of developing its motor co-ordination with a trusty animal friend in 3D.

  4. Behind Crazy

    Crazy is designed in Denmark 

    The person behind the great figures of Crazy Safety is the designer Zdenko Oliver Santini, who fell in love with the magical world of cartoons as a child. Zdenko is the uncrowned king of Crazy! 

    1. Interview m. Zdenko

      Interview, Zdenko 

      Why are children so crazy about Crazy Safety?

      Children love crazy things. And when they put on a Crazy Safety helmet, it is not just a bicycle helmet. It is an animal that is being brought to life. My own two children, Zeth and Manila, have been used as guinea pigs, and they love the crazy universe of the helmets. Even my wife finds them fun and decorative. And I certainly do not mind if Crazy Safety can even get adults to smile.  

      How did the idea occur?      

      The idea occurred in the 8th grade, when my parents wanted me to wear a bicycle helmet. I found it totally geeky. Therefore, I decorated my helmet with cardboard horns and two eyes made of polystyrene balls from art class. Then I suddenly had a bull on my head. My friends were crazy about the idea – and stood in line to get a helmet just like it.

      Tell us about the design process

      First, I drew the figures by hand, after which I had digital 3D models made by a professional graphic designer. However, the models were much too angular and lifeless. Therefore, I decided to make the figures out of modelling wax on an ordinary bicycle helmet, which I then sent to the manufacturer. This worked, and since then, I have used that method every time I have designed a new figure. 


  5. Be Crazy

    Protection is a top priority

    Behind the colourful figures of Crazy Safety, you will find a series of quality equipment, keeping your child safe in traffic. The products have safety certification from the internationally renowned institute TÜV. 

    1. Produkter

      Crazy products

      Here, you can explore our universe of various helmets. The Crazy Safety series also includes lights, bells, locks and additional equipment such as reflective vests, reflective bands, knee and elbow pads, which you can take a closer look at by clicking on the desired helmet. 

      The standard features of the helmets are rubber surface, coloured straps, chin cup, adjustment buckles and LED light at the back – for additional safety.

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    The Crazy Safety products are sold in more than 30 countries all over the world. Use the map to find a dealer near you.  

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